Thought-Of-The-Day: January 22nd 2017

My mouse is awfully temperamental today.

I noticed earlier in the day that when I tried to scroll with the scroll wheel it wasn’t working properly. The wheel would keep moving, but the scrolling action on the computer would “stick” or even stop completely. At first I only noticed it happening in my browser, so I figured it might be a problem there. But then I noticed it in Excel too, so it seems it is my mouse after all.

It only does it when I scroll up for some reason. Scrolling down is fine – not a problem there. But up? Yeah, no…

Thing is, it’s not happening all the time. Sometimes it works. About half the time it doesn’t. But because it’s not always a problem I’ve still been trying to use it, and because it sometimes works it’s even more frustrating when it doesn’t…

I do have another mouse somewhere which I can probably switch too if needed. It’s the one I use with my laptop. The wire has been patched up because Wispa (my brother’s lovely chocolate labrador) chewed through it a few years ago. It still works though. It’s good to have a back up. I’d rather not have to buy another mouse any time soon.


Lady Joyful


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