Photo-A-Day: January 18th 2017

January 18th 2017Look, a squirrel! Isn’t he sweet. Or she. Could be a she. I didn’t ask…

Thing 1 was fascinated by it. He was walking along beside the buggy when the squirrel dashed across the path in front of him. He stopped and stared, and giggled as it climbed into the bush. I think he could have happily spent quite some time watching it, but the squirrel seemed a bit suspicious of him, and I didn’t want to distress the poor little thing (squirrel, not child… though I suppose child too!) so I encouraged Thing 1 to keep walking.

It sure is a sweet looking creature, isn’t it?


Lady Joyful

4 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day: January 18th 2017

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