Thought-Of-The-Day: January 17th 2017

Teaching toddlers to go down for their naps without someone sitting beside them isn’t always a good thing.

The problem is, once you’ve left them in their cribs and stopped hearing noises from them, you assume they’re asleep. Today was a good example that that’s not always the case. Thing 1 went to bed happily, snuggled down and said “buhbye” in response to my “night night”, as is our normal routine.

Thirty minutes later I heard him start talking softly. I went to have a look and found him standing in his crib with the bedside light on – he’d reached over to the switch. I could also tell he needed changing…

Off to the bathroom we went, and after he was in a nice fresh nappy (with lots of excited babbling and wide awakeness accompanying the procedure) I took him back to his crib. He snuggled down, I turned the light off, he said “buhbye” and I left him to it.

Twenty minutes later he starts talking again. I go to check on him. The light is on again. As soon as I enter the room he says “buhbye” and lies back down. I turn the light off and leave.

Guess what happened thirty minutes later? When I went in that time he was again standing in his crib blinking in the yellow glow of the bedside light. His blinking was sleepy and confused by this point though. I lay him back down, turned off the light, and decided to stay for a few minutes to make sure he really did go to sleep. Thankfully he did.

Really, I’m not complaining. It made a pretty easy afternoon for me – he went to bed just before 12, fell asleep finally properly at 13:30, and didn’t wake up until his mum got home at 16:00! Plus Thing 2 had gone home straight after lunch, so I ended up with an extended break. Lucky me!


Lady Joyful

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