Thought-Of-The-Day: January 16th 2017

It arrived, at last!

I placed an order about a month ago for a few different card making supplies. I had a gift card for the particular store (a prize from one of the card challenges I enter) and bought a selection of different things – mostly dies, but also some stamps and a sand eraser.

Anyhow. It was dispatched the day after I’d ordered, and I kept checking the tracker eagerly. I knew it would take a while given it was coming from the US, and it was over the Christmas period. But when the tracker stopped updating at the end of the year I began to get worried. What if it had got lost? Several of the items I’d ordered were in the clearance section and no longer available. (Shopping clearance got me more bang for my buck, as they say!)

But today as I was at work husband sent me a picture. The picture showed an envelope. Yup, it was my order! Huzzah! I guess I was premature in my concern. But hey, I was very eager for my goodies! I’m so pleased they arrived, and very much looking forward to get crafting with them!


Lady Joyful


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