Thought-Of-The-Day: January 11th 2017

Ice is so much worse than slush.

I regret my complaints about yesterday’s weather. The temperature dropped a bit overnight so all the wet and slippery slush has frozen to be even slipperier.

Actually, there are some places that have thicker slippery ice, and other places that are just crunchy thin layers of ice over thick slush so that when you walk on them the ice cracks and you sink into the wetness.

The trip to the park with Thing 1 this morning was a bit of an adventure. Between the slippery ice and the unevenness of the slush-that-was he slipped down onto his bottom multiple times. One particularly memorable moment he went sideways going down onto his arm, and I heard a crack as he did so. Thank goodness it was only the sound of ice cracking – there was a heart-stopping moment that I thought he’d broken his wrist!

We’re forecast snow in the next couple of days. Hopefully we get enough to cover the ice with a suitable depth that it won’t be so slippery. Fingers crossed.


Lady Joyful


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