Weekly Round-Up: Week 1 2017

I mentioned recently my plan to get organised, build habits, and hold myself accountable by posting weekly updates here. Well, this is the first of those updates!

The challenges I’ve set myself so far are:

  • Read daily
  • Colour daily
  • Go to bed on time

I didn’t want to start with anything too difficult, but I also wanted things that would be beneficial to me. So, how are they going…

Reading and colouring daily are going fairly well. I’m using my break time at work (whilst the boys sleep) to do them. I haven’t been so successful on my days off, because I end up doing everything else and forgetting about my book and colouring planner! I think I did colour every day anyway because I did some colouring for my cards.

My colouring planner (which is a planner with a colouring page for each week) is still behind though. Admittedly I started out behind because the planner started at week 50 of last year. To be on track I should have finished colouring week 1 today. Well, I have week 50 and 51 finished, and week 52 is about half way. Hopefully I can get week 52 finished tomorrow. Week 1 isn’t too complicated an image so I might manage to finish that on Wednesday, then I can try to finish week 2 actually during week 2 to be back on track.

I think I’ll call the colouring habit building a partial success.

I am also on track with the book despite not having read at the weekend at all. My Goodreads reading challenge is to read 24 books this year, which gives me two weeks per book. And I am half way through my first book at the end of week 1. As long as I finish the book by the end of next week, it’s fine.

The reading habit building is also a partial success!

Going to bed on time is less successful… I think there were one or two nights this week that we almost managed it… The problem is that I run out of time in the evenings for the things I need to do (like blogging – I’m writing this just past my bedtime!) and rather than going to bed on time I end up trying to get the things finished, going to bed late, not being able to fall asleep because my mind is running a mile a minute, and then being overtired in the morning. Not good. I really need to try to get this one in line.

The bedtime habit is definitely a failure so far – must try harder.

I won’t add any further habits yet. I’ll probably add a new one when I have the colouring and reading completely habitified (sure, that can be a word) or when I’m getting at least partial success with the bedtimes. Whichever comes first.


Lady Joyful


4 thoughts on “Weekly Round-Up: Week 1 2017

  1. You are making progress so pat yourself on the back.
    I am planning on starting my goodreads reading challenge tomorrow. There are many books that I want to read and finish. Maybe I will look you up on the site.
    I too suffer with trying to get things done like right now. I should be in bed getting ready to wake up at 6:30 to get my granddaughter up and ready for school, but instead I am trying to play catch-up with blogs and emails so I can start my journaling and reading challenge tomorrow.

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