Thought-Of-The-Day: January 7th 2017

Having a schedule is very handy.

I use an app to keep track of my schedule. That’s on top of my calendar, and two planners. The app schedule has the ability to set alerts, which I mostly use to make sure I get ready to leave for work in a timely manner.

I generally try not to make too strict schedules for myself because I know if they’re overly restrictive I will just get frustrated and give up on them. It’s for the same reason that I try not to be hard on myself if I get off of schedule. My schedule is more of a guideline really. (Other than the work hours which of course must be adhered to!)

I made myself a schedule for today to try and make sure I would get more of the things done that need doing. And it did work. I appreciate the structure of having a schedule. I like to know that when I’m done with A I should start with B.

My biggest problem is that I can be overly ambitious with my schedule. Sure, three hours of housework would be great and definitely help with finishing to sort the boxes that are still sitting around, but it’s not realistic. I need to get better at anticipating my need to take breaks, and schedule them appropriately. I also need to get better at understanding how long my fun tasks will take when I schedule them between productive tasks. Scheduling an hour for card making is fine sometimes, but other times I decide to make multiple cards, and sort through my snippets or stamps for inspiration, and suddenly a couple of hours have passed and my schedule is basically useless.

But despite that, I do appreciate have a schedule.


Lady Joyful

7 thoughts on “Thought-Of-The-Day: January 7th 2017

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