Photo-A-Day: January 7th 2017

January 7th 2017You’re probably looking at this picture and thinking something along the lines of “what on earth is that?” You’d be forgiven for that thought. This is certainly not the anticipated tranquil snow scene the likes of which I’ve been sharing with you recently.

This picture is the result of owning three cats, and those cats taking a particular fondness for the kitchen chair that was, until a few hours ago, surrounded by boxes so as to be accessible only to the feline residents of the flat.This picture shows the balled up mass of accumulated fluff from said felines taking turns to sleep on the chair almost constantly for the last several weeks.

This morning I sorted the clutter that had been blocking the chair. We knew the cushion was fur covered, having been able to see from under the other side of the table. But knowing and truly knowing, well, they’re two different things. Upon pulling the chair out I could clearly see that the cushion was no longer dark enough. It had become a pale shade of grey from the thick layer of fur coating it. The dips in the cushion were full of fur to the point that they were indistinguishable from the rest of the cushion.

It was quite a site.

Thankfully cleaning it up didn’t take too long. For those of you who own pets and don’t already know, a damp rubber glove is excellent for picking up accumulations of fur from upholstery. Just don the glove, dampen it with a little water, and rub back and forth across the offending object. Pretty soon you’ll gather a ball of fluff which, if it’s as big is the one we got from our chair, can be used to stuff a pillow, knit a jumper for the cats that surely must be furless after leaving all that fluff behind, or… make a wig for a giraffe? I don’t know. I’m sure you’ll think of something.


Lady Joyful


6 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day: January 7th 2017

  1. Lol…at first I thought it was a hairball, then an eyeless mouse..but yes, that’s the joy of cat ownership! There was a woman here on the news who collected her dog’s hair and knitted jumpers from it!

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