Photo-A-Day: January 6th 2017

January 6th 2017It was recently suggested that I take some pictures ahead of time and pre-schedule them for these posts. It’s something I’ve done on many occasions before, and it would definitely help things to be less of a rush in the evenings. So I’ve managed to get together a collection of pictures ready to be the future Photo-a-Day posts. I have enough to last until the 15th. Huzzah for me!

Why then is this one being posted stupidly late in the evening? Well, that would be because, despite having all these pictures taken, and most of them already watermarked too, I’ve yet to actually upload them, write out posts to go with them, and schedule them. That’s something I should do.

There’s a lot of somethings that I need to do…


Lady Joyful


9 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day: January 6th 2017

    • It definitely is handy! I only have so many tasks because I add everything and I separate it out – so for example instead of having one task for cleaning the kitchen I have separate tasks for cleaning the oven, sink, surfaces, microwave etc etc.

        • I would definitely recommend it. There’s a free version and a subscription version. We use the subscription one. I love that you can make recurring tasks (I use that particularly for our shopping list, for example, and particular chores that need to recur) and also can do filters (so if you want to see all chores in the kitchen to be done today, or all items that need to be bought today from shop X you can do that, assuming you categorised/labelled things.) There’s actually an offer we found recently that you can get a year’s subscription for about a third of the price, though there’s only a couple of days left on that offer.

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