Thought-Of-The-Day: January 3rd 2017

Let’s get organised!

Ironically I was meant to write a post on the 1st about my plans for the New Year, but I didn’t manage to get myself organised enough to do it… Whoops.

I came up with this idea during Motivember – I find the requirement of “checking-in” at the end of each week a great motivator, and I think it really helps me achieve my goals. So my plan for this new year is to gradually build habits. At the end of each week I will check-in to discuss how the current habits are going, as well as to commit to any new ones I will be adding, and removing any from the list that have become, well, habit. No point checking-in if they’re already easy!

Several weeks ago I started to put together a list of the habits I want to build up over the course of the year. I won’t list them all now. The ones I’m trying to start implementing at the moment are:

  • Read daily (my reading challenge last year was a complete failure!)
  • Colour daily
  • Go to bed on time

Spoilers – the first two are going pretty well so far. The third one… Well, as I’m writing this I am already past my designated “shut down the computer and get ready for bed” time, so that one isn’t going so well!


Lady Joyful


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