Thought-Of-The-Day: December 30th

I should call you Houdini.

My break time at work is whatever time the boys nap for. That gives me an added incentive to try and get them back to sleep if they wake too soon! Today for example they both woke after about an hour and a half, which is just at the edge of a normal nap length. (Usually they sleep between one and a half and three hours.)

As we were at Thing 2’s home today, and there is only one crib, Thing 1 was sleeping in a buggy on the balcony. This is a fairly normal thing to happen here in Finland, and babies will often nap outside even in mid-Winter, bundled up in many layers and snuggled inside their sleeping bags.

Anyway. When Thing 1 woke I went out and rocked the buggy back and forwards a few times until he quietened down, which was just in time for Thing 2 to start making noises. As Thing 1 was quite I figured it was safe enough to leave him be and go to try and settle Thing 2.

About fifteen minutes later, when Thing 2 finally seemed to be settled, I went back to the balcony to check on Thing 1. I hadn’t heard anything, so I assumed he was fast asleep.

I assumed wrong.

When I got to the balcony, I discovered Thing 1 sitting on the floor in his sleeping bag, playing with the bunny that is his sleep toy. Given that when I’d left he was in the sleeping bag inside the buggy, you can probably understand my surprise.

I really do not know how he managed to get out of the buggy whilst remaining in the sleeping bag! I mean, yes he must have wriggled somehow, but it just doesn’t seem possible.

When he saw me he smiled and waved. I asked him how he’d got on the floor, to which his response was to babble and point at the buggy. It did not help my comprehension.

Of course when I picked him up and headed back into the flat with him, Thing 2 decided he wasn’t really asleep either. And that was the end of naptime.


Lady Joyful

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