Thought-Of-The-Day: December 13th

Why do bad days insist on piling one thing on top of another?

Waking up at 5 was bad enough. Trying to get ready to go without disturbing husband, when we’re basically living in one room, was a pain. Finding out the buggy had a flat tyre? Great. Add to that blood (not mine), 3 upturned drinks in the space of five minutes (and yes, there’s only two children), books being torn and licked (yes, licked), a stereo being turned on at full volume in the second that my back was turned, and then having to comfort the hysterically crying loud-noise-causing hellion because they’d frightened the life out of themselves with said ear piercing volume… Yeah, so much fun.

And that was all before lunchtime.

Thankfully the afternoon went better, mostly because they slept for a large part of it and then it was time to leave.

Although I could have done without the shop then having none of the three things I went to buy… Seriously…

The evening’s not been so bad. I made some cards. Which… I need to photograph and blog before bedtime… Tick tock.


Lady Joyful


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