Thought-Of-The-Day: December 12th

Sometimes I really dislike public transport.


I finished slightly early from work today. Not an awful lot, but enough that I could get a slightly earlier bus and get home ten minutes earlier. Except that the driver ignored me having rung the bell and drove straight past my stop… Yay… I got off at the next stop and walked home, arriving just in time to see the next bus (the one I would have been on if I’d not finished early) pulling in, so I wasn’t any earlier at all.

If I’m honest, the buses are normally very good. Just when they aren’t they are really frustrating about it.

One morning recently my bus was late enough that it and the next one arrived at the same time. I got on the one that stopped for me, obviously, and there was no discernable difference between them so I couldn’t tell which was “my” bus and which was the later one. Of course it turned out the one I was on was the later one… When we got to the stop at the metro station, a few stops before where I needed to get off, the other bus continued immediately whereas the one I was on stopped and waited for several minutes. If I’d been on the one that continued I would have got to work on time. As I wasn’t, I was late.

Yup. Annoying.


Lady Joyful


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