Thought-Of-The-Day: December 6th

Productive days seem to be able to fit a lot more activities than unproductive ones.

Today has been a very productive day. It’s a holiday here in Finland – December 6th if Independence Day – which means I had the day off work. I planned to have a day of getting things done. Normally my plans don’t, well, go to plan… But today they did!

We had a bit of a longer lie-in than I’d intended, but catching up on sleep is not a bad thing. I got shelves put up before breakfast, and after we’d eaten we spent more than an hour unpacking boxes and getting stuff put onto the shelves. There’s still a lot of boxes to sort, but we did manage to get through quite a chunk of them. A third, perhaps? Of course some of the ones we left were the trickier ones – boxes full of old paperwork that needs to be sorted, for example – and they’re going to take more time to sort. But we’re getting there.

After lunch I skyped with my dad, and then husband and I went out to do some shopping. And when we got home I got on with card making. My plan was to get today’s card done, which I did. And then I also managed to get two done for tomorrow! Hopefully tomorrow I can get Wednesday’s done, and if I get a second done then I’ll be even more ahead – woohoo!

The downside of the productive day is that despite getting a lot of things done that needed to be done, there’s also still a lot of things that we didn’t manage to get done. I was meant to reply to an email and I just haven’t had a spare second for it. We were meant to get Christmas lists done to send to MIL. We haven’t vacuumed. I haven’t got Christmas cards written…

Seems like no matter how much we get done there’s always more! Hopefully I can make a dent in the task list after work tomorrow.


Lady Joyful


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