Thought-Of-The-Day: December 3rd

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Well, without the chicken dinner part.

As I was working on the photo post for today I got a link back notification. Clicking through I discovered that I was the random winner for a Simon Says Stamp gift card! Yay me!!

I’ve sent off an email to claim the prize. Now I just have to decided what I’ll use it for. Broadly speaking the choice is either to go fun (stamps/dies) or sensible (tools like craft tweezers, or masking paper). I’m leaning towards fun.

I should probably wait until after Christmas to order though, as much as I’d like to order now. I do have a few crafty things on my wishlist (okay, most of my wishlist is crafty things) and whilst the likelihood of me ordering the same thing as someone has got me is low (given how long my wishlist is!) it’s probably not worth the risk. So I’ll just have to put up with waiting.

I don’t like waiting…


Lady Joyful


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