Thought-Of-The-Day: November 29th

Lola has the world’s noisiest stomach.

Poor Lola has pretty much always had tummy troubles. We managed to narrow down a food that seems to cause minimal problems, but have never confirmed whether her vomiting is allergy related or not.

Sometimes when her symptoms are particularly playing up she goes off her food for a few hours (or up to a day) and will have a very very gurgly tummy. This evening, for example, she’s spent most of her time sleeping on the bed and every now and then we’ve heard a loud gurgle.

Thankfully she doesn’t vomit every time this happens (and likewise this doesn’t happen every time she vomits). We have tried to get further investigations done with the vets but were told there’s really nothing that can be done… Seemed like a bit of a cop out to me, to be honest – surely there are tests that could be done. I’m hoping we can save a bit of money and go to see a specialist at some point. We’ll see.


Lady Joyful


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