Round-Up Week 4 – Motivember 2016


The fourth week of Motivember is slipping past, leaving us with only three days in the month to put the finishing touches on these challenges! How’s it all going? Read on to find out!

The Challenges:


NaNoWriMo? What’s that?

No progress. Let’s leave it at that. No way I’ll be able to complete this. I still hope to try and get something done so that I won’t be finishing out the month on zero words… But let’s see…




Steaming along beautifully. I’ve posted a minimum of two blogs every day – the photo-a-day and thought-of-the-day. Many days have also had a card post, sometimes two. As predicted this challenge hasn’t been at all challenging!



30 Day Colouring Challenge


All going well. I didn’t actually work on my colouring book every day, but given that I worked on colouring for cards too I did manage to do some almost every single day. The colouring page I’ve been working on has been taking longer than expected – I thought I’d be able to do one per week but after two weeks of work I’m not even half way done! Maybe I’ll extend the scope of this challenge a bit and challenge myself to have the colouring page completed by the end of the month.

Other Goals

Boxes Begone! – We still have plenty of boxes, but progress has been made. Between getting the shelves put up (so we have more storage area) and getting a few boxes emptied, we have freed up a little bit more space. Getting everything completely unpacked by the end of the month might be a bit ambitious, but there’s no harm in trying.

Take time out – I think this has been a success. I’ve certainly been making more cards this past week, and as I consider that my relaxation I think it counts well enough!

The Outlook:



Lady Joyful

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