Thought-Of-The-Day: November 26th

Progress, woohoo!

As I mentioned over on my Photo-A-Day for today, husband’s parents came to visit and helped us with getting shelves put up. Which is absolutely fantastic because now we should have space to get on with unpacking things! It definitely feels good to make progress – being surrounded by boxes still after having lived here a few days short of two months already is pretty frustrating.

Although I wouldn’t surprised if unpacking continues to be slow going. Given that I’m working during the week, in the evenings (and to an extent at the weekend) I have difficulty motivating myself to do anything productive. When we have made progress with the boxes it has mostly been of the “get this stuff out of a box and put it somewhere” kind which means that, for example, the pantry and the bathroom storage areas are both pretty disorganised… So even when we’re done with unpacking we’re going to have to go back through things and tidy them up again… Seems pretty inefficient…


Lady Joyful

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