Thought-Of-The-Day: November 22nd

Twice the toddlers, twice the sweet!

The boys were being really adorable today. A few days ago Thing 1 learned to say apple. Today Thing 2 started saying it too. And then they both decided to say it. They were copying each other, repeating apple over and over again, and being really quite sweet.

Of course it’s not always adorable when they copy each other… It’s definitely not adorable when one of them is misbehaving and the other one starts copying. Especially as it can be very difficult to stop both at once, and when you try to stop one the other starts doing it again…

And actually, a whole room of toddlers can be exhausting! The boys go to music club every Monday. This week and last week it was a bit crazy. It seemed like one of the children was having difficulty concentrating and started running around and being playful, and one at a time other children start to join in with the wildness. Before you know it three-quarters of the class is running around the whole like little hellions. And lucky me being the only person looking after more than one child… I have to try and split myself in half to chase after both boys at once because of course they decide to run off in opposite directions.

But really, they are lovely.


Lady Joyful


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