Thought-Of-The-Day: November 20th

I picked a bad time to be productive!


I have an app I use to track my to do list. I love it because I can set tasks to repeat at chosen intervals so I can just set them and forget them until they come up on the list again. And because I quite like having a list and a plan, my to do list is usually pretty long, and includes everything from remembering to post my blogs, to our shopping list, to the various chores we have to do on a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly basis!

Problem is, a lot of the daily chores get put off. I will constantly postpone them to the next day rather than completing them, just because I feel like I don’t have time to do them. A lot of the time though it’s really because I prioritised making a card over scrubbing the toilet, for example.

This evening I decided I would start working through the chores I had left on my to do list for today. Things like choosing and writing some cards that need to be sent out, sorting all these blog posts that I’d been procrastinating, emailing my hours for the past week to my employer…

And it’s a good thing to work on them, of course. But… why did I wait until late in the evening to do it? Now it’s edging past my bedtime and I still have one post to finish up. And given that I recently discussed with some lovely friends about how tired I’ve been and the fact that I need to really try and put sleep at a higher priority… Yeah. Must do better.

So now I’ve given up on finishing the list today. Instead I’m going to quickly go and write up my blog post for today’s card and then I will be going to bed!


Lady Joyful

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