Thought-Of-The-Day: November 16th

​​​What am I teaching these children?! 

A few weeks ago Thing 2 said his first clearly distinguishable English word – “wee-wee”. He used it in the correct context, and has continued to do so since then. Good job, Thing 2! 

Today he demonstrated another word. “Poop”… um, okay… Am I just teaching you potty talk?! 

Hopefully he’ll pick up some non-potty related words soon… I know he recognises a lot of English already as he responds appropriately to questions and requests. 

In the vein of funny things the boys did today… Whilst we were looking at a book Thing 1 started making his snake hissing noise. So I turned to the page with the snake on. 

“Where’s the snake?” I ask. 

“Hsssss!” Thing 1 replies, and turns to point at Thing 2… 

“Thing 2 is not a snake…”

“Hssss!” Thing 1 insists, pointing again. 

He found it very amusing. I did too, though I tried not to show it. You can’t call your friends snakes! 


Lady Joyful

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