Thought-Of-The-Day: November 15th

Is our flat.. haunted?

Sure, it seems unlikely. After all, it’s a brand new build. We’re the first people to live in here. Which means there’s not yet been time for any gruesome murders. (And we’re not planning to commit any. Well… I’m not. I think husband isn’t…) So probably not haunted…

Unless… maybe it was built on an Indian burial ground, as is the case in all those horror films. Unlikely, given that this is Finland… Just an ordinary burial ground? That seems unlikely too… A pet cemetary? No?

Why am I asking this? Well, how else do you explain the strange knocking we’ve heard from time to time? Clear knocking coming from somewhere inside the flat…

Husband suggested it could be pipes. I asked if that really happens. (My phone autocorrected it to “Do popes really knock?” That’s a good question too.) He said only in old houses in horror films. Well, as previously mentioned, this isn’t an old house. And I don’t think we’re living in a horror film.

The most likely answer of course is the one husband discovered this afternoon. One of the shelves waiting to go up is leaning against the smallest cat tree in our “cat room”. It’s a little bit wobbly, and when the cats scratch on the tree… Knock knock!

No ghosts then, I guess. No monsters either.

Then again… we do keep hearing strange noises from the flat above. We live on the top floor.


Lady Joyful


3 thoughts on “Thought-Of-The-Day: November 15th

  1. humorous even when your being frightful. insert wink and sarcasm. I really do enjoy reading your posts. I was really becoming a bit afraid. Knocks and such. My future in-laws home is old and allegedly haunted, and most of the alleged appearances have been in the room where we sleep when we go to visit. Oh how convenient that is!!!!. NOt!!!! lol

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