Round-Up Week 2 – Motivember 2016


The second week of Motivember has drawn to a close, which means we’re now half way through the month! Here’s how I’ve been doing.

The Challenges:


Still no luck with NaNoWriMo. I had been thinking of doing a couple of writing marathons this weekend to try and get on track, or at least somewhere close, but after the tiring week I had I really needed to just take some time off. It might be wisest to just quit this challenge seeing as I haven’t got anywhere with it at all… But I still have hope of getting something done, so I’ll keep it on the list for now.




NaBloPoMo continues to be an absolute breeze. Daily posting is definitely a habit now after having done it for the whole year so far! Sure, sometimes I leave my posts late in  the day, and occasionally “cheat” by rushing them and not putting in a lot of thought. But I’m succeeding, and that’s the important thing.



30 Day Colouring Challenge



Week one was not successful here, but week two has been a vast improvement. I’ve been taking one of my colouring books (a Christmas present from last year) to work with me along with some colouring pencils, and have managed to get at least a little colouring done each day on my break. I haven’t worked on the colouring book at all this weekend, but I did do a little colouring yesterday on one of my cards.

Other Goals

Boxes Begone! – I’m trying to think if I worked on this at all this week… I think perhaps a very little bit, but I could be thinking of last week so… not much success I guess! I’ll be honest though, I’m getting really fed up of the boxes everywhere. I have a knack for walking into things and managed to hurt my toe quite badly stubbing it against a box this morning! (It’s better now, but I did have to ice it for a while.)

The Outlook:


I’m pretty pleased with how this week went. Sure, NaNoWriMo is still a disaster, but I’m now working on 2/3 of the big challenges rather than 1/3, which is quite an improvement. It’s especially pleasing given that I had such a long work week. We’ll see if I manage to add NaNoWriMo in this week.

Looking at the week ahead, it’s going to be another long one (slightly longer in fact) so I can imagine the challenges will continue to be challenging to complete. With that in mind, and considering a comment that was left reminding me that Motivember is voluntary and I should make sure I remember to take care of myself, I’ve decided to add another challenge…

New Goal

Take time out – take at least a few minutes each day to just relax and refresh myself, making sure I’m not pushing myself too hard.


Lady Joyful

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