Thouht-Of-The-Day: November 9th

I had no idea that drawing around a foot is a form of torture.

The boys and I were making Father’s Day cards today. (Here in Finland it is celebrated this coming Sunday.) The boys had the easy job, just having to colour on some paper for me. Once they’d done colouring I needed to draw around a hand and a foot from each of them, and that was their contribution done.

Easier said than done. The hands were hard enough – Thing 2 wouldn’t keep still. Thing 1 was a lot easier and I only had to put his hand back to the paper once. When we got to feet… Well… I started with Thing 2. You’d think I was trying to sacrifice his toes to the foot god or something, given the way he was yelling at me. We got there eventually though. And of course Thing 1 started shouting before I’d even started, because Thing 2 had made such a fuss that surely it’s a horrible procedure…

Actually as I was making 3 cards for each boy (one each for their dads and grandfathers) I needed three of each hand and foot. Thankfully I could just use the original outline as a template for the other ones I needed, so I didn’t have to try to battle with them to keep their appendages on the paper for more outlining.

I think the cards turned out quite well in the end though. Hopefully the recipients appreciate them!


Lady Joyful


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