Thought-Of-The-Day: November 3rd

The human mind is fascinating.

I’ve always found psychology interesting. I find it intriguing to think about how we learn or why we feel what we feel. What makes us tick. What makes us human.

It’s interesting to see how both genes and environment affect the way people are. The way they develop and who they become.

I remember watching a documentary a few years ago (and I was reminded because I’ve been watching mini-documentaries during my sick leave) about a ‘murder gene’ of sorts. I forget the exact details because it was, as I said, several years ago. (And my following explanation may have some mistruths, but this is how I remember it at least.) Basically this gene was discovered that seems to increase the likelihood of being a psychopath. Many psychopaths have the gene. But not everyone who has the gene becomes a psychopath.

Actually the documentary emphasised that point – one of the men pivotal in the discovery found out that he himself had the gene.

The gene itself did nothing. It was almost like a switch – program in the code in childhood and the switch would be flicked. The code being abuse. The nature of the gene combined with the environmental impact of abuse during childhood would trigger psychopathy.

I remember that the documentary gave me an idea for a story based around that idea. A dystopian fiction. I’m sure I have the notes around here somewhere…


Lady Joyful


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