Thought-Of-The-Day: November 1st

Water should not be fuzzy.

We ended up going to the health centre this morning and I had an appointment with a nurse. Just going there was an adventure – I have so little energy that I have a hard time moving across the flat (hence spending most of the time in bed) so you can imagine how hard it was to walk to the bus stop (which is over the road), then from the bus to the health centre. It’s by no means a long walk, but more than I can manage at the moment and left me exhausted.

Anyways. The symptoms of my illness have pretty much cleared up now. The issue is more that my body is, in a sense, in starvation mode because I haven’t eaten properly since Friday. Hence losing four kilos… (That’s about 8lb.) The reason I feel like I have no energy is because I really have no energy. My body still isn’t overly interested in food, which doesn’t help matters.

I was advised to take start taking some supplement thing until I am able to eat properly again. It’s a powder that gets mixed into water, and helps provide my body with the nutrients and electrolytes that I’ve lost over the course of this illness.

Now, I’m a bit fussy, so it was a relief to see they had blackcurrant flavour. The other flavoured choices were banana and strawberry. Although husband said it was raspberry, but I’m sure the picture was a strawberry… And they had unflavoured, which we decided to not take after getting clarification that it just means no added flavour, not flavourless, so it most likely has a yucky generic medicine taste. And given that we’re trying to help bring back my appetite, an unappealing flavour is not a good idea.

Husband made up a batch for me shortly after we got home from our trip out. (Not immediately – I had to collapse on the bed and recover for a while first…) It did have a pleasantly mild blackcurrant scent to it. But the experience of drinking it was… odd. Not pleasant, but it wasn’t horrible. It’s really difficult to explain how the drink felt. See, the issue wasn’t the flavour but the texture. The water had gained an almost fuzzy quality. Very strange.

Thankfully my appetite has been slowly returning over the course of the day, so hopefully I won’t have to experience the fuzzy water too much. And as my appetite returns I hope my energy will too. I’ve been having moments of energy from time to time, and I hope they will become longer lasting and with less downtime in between them.

I’ve been given tomorrow and Thursday as sick leave, so I have plenty of time to get myself fully recovered. And perhaps I’ll be able to do something useful with myself. That’d be good given what month it is! And if you’re not sure what I mean by that… Well, keep your eyes peeled.


Lady Joyful


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