Thought-Of-The-Day: October 25th

Go away, icy wind, nobody likes you…

My walk from the bus to work (at Thing 2’s home, as Thing 1 is ill) was horrible. It was a little bit chilly, but nothing worth complaining about, until I turned to go along the long road that heads directly down towards the sea. The wind then howled along at me the whole time.

Icy winds, especially with added sea breeze, are not fun.

I was wrapped up pretty warm, but not warm enough. The wind managed to find every single nook and cranny that wasn’t quite snug enough, and pinch at me with its frigid fingers. I tried putting my hood up but of course the wind just laughed at me and pushed it back down.

In the end I just had to duck my head and hurry along as fast as I could, with the wind pushing against me, until I could turn a corner and have buildings between me and the wind.


I’ll be walking along that road again tomorrow morning… I’ll have to put on a few more layers I guess. I already look like the michilen man with how much I’ve been bundling up! It’s only just dipping below zero. Hate to see what it’s like when we get into winter properly and have -20 or even -30!


Lady Joyful

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