Thought-Of-The-Day: October 21st

I’m simply puntastic.

This morning’s schedule was a bit different to the usual one. I had to collect Thing 2 from his home, walk him to Thing 1’s home (where my job usually takes place), swap Thing 2 into the double buggy with Thing 1, and then walk to take them to  “baby gym” (not sure if that’s what we’d call it in English but let’s just go with it.)

Now, perhaps you’re wondering what on earth any of this has to do with me being puntastic. “Get to the point, Lady!” I hear you cry. Yes, yes. Getting there.

The boys both love buses. Any time we’re out and see a bus they will inevitably point, stare, and either laugh or say “bu!” When I was walking with Thing 2 this morning we saw a few different buses. At one particular time we saw an orange bus.

“Yes,” I said, as Thing 2 pointed and giggled, “It’s a bus! An orange bus!” And then a moment later I added “Orange you glad it’s a bus?”

I’m kind of glad he didn’t understand how cringingly awful that was…


Lady Joyful


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