Thought-Of-The-Day: October 16th

It’d be nice if my ideas could go to plan.

We bought a load of things from Ikea yesterday. All planned purchases. I was most excited about the new kitchen table/craft corner that we were buying to “hack” together.

We started assembling it today. All was going well. We got the short shelf unit put together first, then the tall one. Next was the attachment of the table top. The idea being that it would attach to the shelves on either end. Only thing is the connector doesn’t fit onto the top surface of the shorter shelf, because the inner shelves (where it is designed to fit on the taller shelf unit) are thinner.


Thankfully after much deliberation we settled on a solution that works for us. And it actually makes it a better craft corner than our original plan had. But still, it was pretty annoying that it didn’t work how I’d intended!


Lady Joyful


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