Thought-Of-The-Day: October 14th

Sometimes I feel like a bit of a disaster.

Remember how we couldn’t find the adapter to be able to use the charger for my camera? Well we finally found it amongst the boxes that we totally haven’t been ignoring. And then I couldn’t find the charger. Which the battery was in. So you know… That made it easy to do the charging…

Thankfully I did eventually find it and it is currently charging up. We had to tape the charger into the adapter because it sits wonky or something and wasn’t charging properly… For the first half hour I held it myself, pressing on one side of the plug to keep it straight. But that gave my hand cramp.

I’m really good at losing things. Did you know that? I mean, there’s usually a method to my madness, but I do have a bad habit of putting things down in places which are not where they live. And then not remembering what those places are. I do it with my wedding ring a lot… I keep telling myself I’ll only put things down in the place that they belong, but then I always forget.

Disaster, I tell you!


Lady Joyful


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