Thought-Of-The-Day: October 11th

I had no idea the laundry room schedule was such a big deal.

We went to the residents’ meeting thing (I have no idea if that’s the actual term in English…) for our building today. I managed to follow the discussions fairly well given that it was in Finnish. Or… at least the first half. Then my brain had had enough and gave up.

A surprisingly big chunk of the time was taken up discussing the schedule for the laundry room. Specifically, the maximum allowable time for reservations. The discussion got quite heated, with people arguing over whether it should be capped at three hours or four. After all, if it’s only usable for 12 hours in total (14 on a weekday) your limited on how many households can use it over the course of the weekend.

I think an agreement was come to in the end, but really… I didn’t expect things to get so lively!


Lady Joyful


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