Thought-Of-The-Day: October 2nd

Moving requires a surprising amount of cleaning.

You’d think, this being a brand new build and all, that the flat wouldn’t require a whole lot of cleaning just two days after us getting moved in.

I suppose that’s partially right… The flat itself hasn’t yet needed much. We did need to vacuum already but that’s more to do with owning cats. And the kitchen sink does need to be cleaned, because it had delightful rings even on moving in…

A big chunk of the time I spent cleaning today was actually cleaning furniture. I suppose when furniture is in situ you don’t notice the scuffs and marks so much. But when we were moving the white shelving units into our brand new bedroom today I could see every single dirty fingerprint and scuff line. I spent quite some time cleaning them both up. Even so they probably could do with going over again as we’ve not yet found all our cleaning rags, and it got to the point that I felt I was moving the dirt around more than actually cleaning it…


Lady Joyful


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