Thought-Of-The-Day: September 20th

I have sniffles.

I’ve no doubt I’ve complained about illness before in these thoughts, though I’m too tired to go back and check now…

The last couple of days I have woken up with a stuffy nose and sore throat, though they have cleared away fairly quickly. This evening though I have been very sniffly and sneezy, and I am not at all happy about it.

I do not like being ill.

I am lucky enough (ha!) to be very susceptible to colds. This is a great combination with the fact that I work with small children. Everyone knows they are germ factories! Chances are if I spend time around someone who has a cold, I will get it.

Oh and I commute more than two hours each day on public transport. Also notorious germ havens.

Of course when I do get a cold (all the time, apparently) it hangs around for longer than it does for most people, and moves onto my lungs to torment me for quite some time afterwards. Case in point – I had a nasty cold during my second week at this job. That was mid-August. I still have the nasty, chesty cough that resulted from it.

Perhaps it’s a good thing I’m not travelling to visit husband this weekend. I’ll be able to stay inĀ and make cards relax, and hopefully shake off this cold without it actually turning into anything worse.

Knowing my luck though it will have become a full blown cold by tomorrow morning!


Lady Joyful


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