Thought-Of-The-Day: September 19th

I really don’t like my laptop mouse.

Don’t tell my husband though!

When I went home for the weekend I took the mouse I used with my laptop with me. Husband’s mouse has broken so he is using my computer’s mouse, so I needed to take the laptop one for using with my computer. Problem is, I forgot to bring it back with me…

It’s not the end of the world, because I have the built in touch pad mouse thing.

I have never liked it. I’d much rather have a proper mouse.

Anyway, I’m using it because I have to. And really, it’s not so bad. It’s just frustrating every time I move to take my mouse and it’s not there.

Husband offered to send me my mouse… But it’s only two weeks until the move. I’ll survive.

I’ll gripe about it, sure (though not to him!), but I’ll survive.


Lady Joyful


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