Thought-Of-The-Day: September 17th

Always check the ingredients.

Yesterday I caught a train home for the weekend. I managed to get to the station over an hour before my train would be leaving, so I popped into a nearby sweet shop and bought some sweets to treat my husband.

Whilst I was in the sweet shop I spotted some seashell pralines on offer. These are some of my favourite chocolates, and though they were an off-brand I decided I would get some.

That was a mistake…

When I opened one of the boxes today I immediately noticed they didn’t smell right. The pralines in the seashells I normally get are kind of gianduja. These smelt fruity. I was suspicious.

I tasted one, and… yeah. Did not taste at all what I was expecting. And yes, they did call themself pralines – if they hadn’t I wouldn’t have got them!

Flipping the box I took a closer look at the ingredients list. Actually I read it out to my husband. It was a very long list… It quite literally took me a full minute if not longer to read it out.

Of course there were the normal ingredients for chocolate, and the praline too (almond and hazelnut). But then there were stranger things. Like raisins. There aren’t any whole raisins in them, so presumably ground up somehow… And cashewnuts. Raspberry powder. Instant coffee. Peppermint leaves. Uh, yeah…

I have no idea why the manufacturers decided to throw so many flavours into these chocolates… Just to make sure you understand – all the chocolates seem to be the same flavour. As in, all those flavours are mixed into each chocolate. It’s not that you have one raspberry one, and a coffee one… Even if it was, I wouldn’t like them.

I am very disappointed, and won’t be eating them. They’ve been put into the pantry and will be offered to guests or something. Hopefully next time I’ll remember to check what’s in chocolates before buying them! Or maybe I’ll just stick to the ones I know I like.


Lady Joyful

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