Thought-Of-The-Day: September 14th

Is it really worth it?

When I was walking the boys today we went along to the Metro station because they like to watch the trains go through. As we approached I saw an older man pulling himself up on the railing and climbing over the edge of the bridge. I thought he was going to jump.

Of course it turned out he wasn’t… He was just climbing over to get down to the rocks, where someone had thrown (or perhaps left) a bottle and a can.

He was almost certainly collecting them to turn in for the cash back. Those two items would net less than 50 cents.

I’m pretty frugal myself, and try not to pass up opportunities for a bit of extra money. But… climbing over that railing/fence/whatever was pretty reckless. And the man didn’t look hard up. I know looks can be deceiving but really, was it worth the risk for such a small amount of money?


Lady Joyful


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