Thought-Of-The-Day: September 13th

Sometimes I’m a genius.

And oh so modest…

No but really. Since I started working on this story last week (was it only last week?) I have been mulling over a problem with it. Nothing urgent, because it wouldn’t come up until far later in the story, but I was aware the problem existed and that I needed to come up with a solution.

Honestly, for most of the time I’ve been thinking that it’s impossible to solve. I need person X to do something that is completely contrary to what person X should do. But I need them to, and I needed to work out a reason for them to do it. A reason that was logical, that makes sense…

And today, whilst I was at work, I came up with that reason. It’s crazy how thought processes go. If you thought I was being vague and evasive with my wordings a moment ago, see if you can follow this… Whilst I was giving the boys lunch I was thinking about someone I used to know, which got me thinking about a song that I associate kind of associate with a person associated with them, and then I realised that the song has a lot of similarities to the scenario that I was trying to solve, and that I could use some of the ideas from the song to solve my conundrum.

Genius, I tell you.

And I fully expect that you are currently confused. Because you’re not in my brain. (Don’t worry, you don’t want to be!)


Lady Joyful


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