Thought-Of-The-Day: September 12th

I have a love-hate relationship with my commute.

On the one hand, it’s pretty straight forward. Walk to the station, catch a train, walk from train to metro, catch a metro, and walk from there to work. It’s not too much walking. It’s not too busy – I ┬áhave almost always managed to get a seat. I can relax and read, or write on my phone, or just look out the window…

But, on the other hand… it’s so long! It adds two and a half hours to my work day, which means I have hardly any time to do anything at home.

Luckily our flat will be ready in just a couple of weeks! Once we’re moved in at the end of the month my commute will drop from over an hour each way to about 20 minutes. Much better!


Lady Joyful


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