Thought-Of-The-Day: September 7th

Rabbit of Caerbannog

Rabbit of Caerbannog

The plot bunnies are taking over.

I mentioned recently that I’ve had a story in my head driving me crazy. Well those plot bunnies are really going into overdrive. First they were just bouncing on my brain, but I’m beginning to feel like they’re gnawing on it…

If that’s too gruesome a description, you should be very glad I didn’t chose the other picture I’d considered for this post… If you followed that link and are disgusted, well… I warned you!

Anyway. I’ve been working on the story on my phone during my breaks at work, as well as on the train and metro in the morning (sometimes on the way home too!) I then type up as much as I have time for in Scrivener when I get home. At the moment Scrivener says I have over 3000 words. I’ve not yet added anything these evening (need to do blogs first!) but I reckon I have probably the same amount again on my phone.

Plus the scenes I write on my phone often skip around a bit to get the “important” ideas down, so when I write it up I add in the missing chunks.

I’m really enjoying writing again. Sure this isn’t publishable work (it’s fanfiction, y’all. Yes, I turned American…)  but it’s better than not writing at all! (Though… it is detracting from my crafting time!) I just hope the bunnies keep bouncing, and gnawings, and hopefully not driving me crazy!


Lady Joyful


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