Thought-Of-The-Day: August 26th

Why can’t you have a lift?

Have you ever tried getting two one year olds up and down one and a half flights of stairs at the same time, with no assistance?

It’s not very easy. In fact I’d say it’s quite difficult.

On the way in I just awkwardly carried them down, one on each side. On the way back up I no longer had the energy, so I carried one whilst the other carefully made his way up. I walked behind him the whole way, to make sure he wouldn’t fall. Of course it was slow progress.

But really… if you’re a public place that caters to families with young children, or sometimes has physically disabled people, why on earth would you not have a lift?

Even more annoying was on the way up when a member of staff went past, glanced at us and hurried off without even offering to help!

Seriously. More lifts. Please.


Lady Joyful

P.S., apparently I forgot to press schedule… whoops!


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