Snowball Farms

A Small Snowball FieldIf you’ve ever wondered where snow comes from, I have the answer for you: snowball farms!

Today we walked past a snowball farm on our way to collect our bikes. As the pictures clearly show, snow grows on bushes here in Finland. Dedicated snow farmers cultivate perfect snow that is crisp, white and fluffy. 

When the snow reaches the perfect ripeness the farmers harvest it, and send it off around the world. Some deliveries take longer than others, which is why the Southern hemisphere has winter in our summer. It just takes that long for the snow to get to them.

A Slope of Snowball PlantsIf you’re eagerly awaiting a snow shipment to your locale, try to get in touch with one of the snow farmers. I’ve heard that they are always happy to help – maybe they’ll be able to fast track your order!


Lady Joyful

PS, I think I may have some of my facts wrong in this post… Ah well!


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