A Minute of Your Time

I received a phone call earlier today. I don’t get phone calls often. And actually I don’t make phone calls very often either. I don’t like talking on the phone. For the longest time I would, if my phone rang, get my husband to answer it for me.


My phone rang today. And I answered it. Unsurprisingly it was some person from some company. He said something about changes and contracts, I don’t know. I told him I don’t speak that much Finnish, and that I didn’t understand.

Honestly, I would probably have been able to understand him if he hadn’t been doing that phone salesman thing of talking at a mile a minute in a murmur. Really, even if he’d been speaking English I don’t think I would have understood him.

He was nice in his response. He told me (in Finnish, and understandably) that it didn’t matter, and that I should have a nice rest of the week, and then he hung up. That was it.

I’ve been thinking about it since then, and I had a realisation. The best way to avoid talking to phone salespeople? Tell them you don’t speak the language, and don’t understand. Telling them you’re not interested doesn’t always work. It can make them pester more.

But if you tell them you don’t understand them, then they’re highly likely to give up. You’re hardly going to agree to buy whatever they’re selling if you don’t know what they’re saying to you. So it’s not worth their time to keep talking to you.

I wonder if this tactic would work even if you are a native speaker. Yes, I mean if you lie about it. Husband got a sales call whilst we were making dinner. He didn’t want to try and convince the woman that he didn’t understand though. If anyone does want to try and be interested to hear how it goes!


Lady Joyful

Do you get sales calls often? How do you get rid of nuisance callers?


4 thoughts on “A Minute of Your Time

  1. I usually just never answer call that comes from number I don’t recognize. It’s better to always look up the number on some sites like http://whycall.me before you decide to pick it up, because in my opinion, maybe 80% of those unsolicited calls are scam/telemarketer calls.

    • Seems like a useful site, if you have the time to look up before answering. I’ve had a couple of important calls come through on unrecognised numbers which is why I tend to pick up. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  2. I tell them I am not interested and hang up.

    If it is an obvious scam call (and there are too many of these) I just tell them to f*** themselves.

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