Week 2 – Motivember 2015

The second week of Motivember 2015 is drawing to a close. Part way through the week I felt like I lost my steam and was struggling to keep up. Now we’re officially half way through the month and I am ready to take advantage of a second wind to work through to the end.


This week – I didn’t quite do as well as I hoped this week. There were two days that I didn’t write at all, and all the days I wrote at the beginning of the week did not get anywhere near the hoped for word count. That said I did average 706 words a day which, whilst far below the 1667 goal, is better than I did last week. Over the weekend I started taking the writing more seriously, averaging 1754 words despite having a busy couple of days.

Looking ahead – Taking the writing more seriously these last couple of days has helped me formulate a plan. I should be able to do 2 hours of writing each day which would work out (depending on how productive the time is) at anywhere from 2500 to 3800 words. That should help me get back on track. My intention is to do one hour of writing in the morning before work, whilst I eat my breakfast and use my light box, and another hour in the evening.


This week – Another week of success. I blogged every day on a variety of different topics. Actually I am now writing 8 posts a week – one each day on this blog for NaBloPoMo, and then another over on Katzenworld every weekend.

Looking ahead – I think restarting the drabble challenge was a great idea and I will work that in to my schedule at least once a week. It’s probably a good fall back for when I can’t think of anything else to write about, but I’d rather avoid relying on it too much.

Other Goals

This week – The two goals I set myself were Wide Awake and Light Up, as well as a goal to avoid buying any more treat foods. Wide Awake has continued to be reasonably successful if not as much as I would like. I also have been using my light box regularly but again not as much as I’d like. We didn’t buy any treats this past week so that was a complete success.

Looking ahead – If I’m going to succeed at writing for an hour in the morning before work then I definitely need to do a better job of getting up on time. The light box seems to have become a habit by this point so I think that will be easy to continue. I think the treats one will also be simple enough to continue, although the surplus we had is almost gone… I may have to do some baking this week!

I haven’t thought of any new goals to add.

That’s it for the round up! If any of you are doing Motivember, let us know in the comments below how you are progressing towards your goals.


Lady Joyful

Click here to read the round-up for week one.



4 thoughts on “Week 2 – Motivember 2015

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  3. “going forward” is a terrible phrase that no respectable writer should use. It is a lazy alternative to in future and as you have already used looking ahead you are in the realms of tautology. What annoys me most is that it represents the current trend to use too many words. A full stop after “formulate a plan.” would be precise. How do you formulate a plan for the past? The meaning can only be for the future.

    /rant 🙂

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