Many Cheeses

My husband hates cheese. Absolutely hates it. He doesn’t like it in things, or on things. He doesn’t like the smell or the taste. He’s weird.

Actually he does eat one particular type of very mild borderline plastic cheese. And sometimes he’ll allow mozzarella, for example. But ‘real’ cheese is just not his thing.

I am quite the opposite. I like cheese, especially strong cheese. Things like parmesan, strong cheddar, goat’s cheese and blue cheeses – the things I really like – are the things that husband hates most.

It makes for an interesting dynamic. If I want something cheesy to eat then we basically have to make two separate meals, or split the food so that I can add cheese to mine. And of course he likes to complain about the “horrible smell” if I dare to have cheese anywhere near my food.

He’s a silly boy.

This evening we had pizza for dinner. Homemade pizza. My half had caramelised onions and 4 different cheeses – Aura blue cheese, a brie-like goat’s cheese, cheddar and the “normal” pizza-topping cheese (the one husband likes). Husband’s main concern was that my horribly terribly disgusting cheeses wouldn’t spread to his side of the pizza when they melted.

It was a very yummy pizza.

In relationship psychology there are discussions as to whether, as they say, opposites attract, or whether the opposite is true. My personal, non-scientific belief is that there has to be a good middle ground. It’s important to have some things in common, but also important to have some things different. Things that make you individual.

Husband and I have a lot in common – we enjoy computer games, cuddles and cats – and we also have some differences. Like how we feel about cheese.


Lady Joyful

Do you love or hate cheese? Do you believe that opposites attract, birds of a feather flock together, or somewhere in between?

(A cookie – or cheese! – to anyone who knows where the title of this post is from.)


6 thoughts on “Many Cheeses

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  3. I absolutely love cheese and so does the rest of my family. I know opposites attract as my best friend and I are complete opposites and we have been bestie over 25 years and living as a couple 18 years.

    • I’m curious, is there really nothing that you have in common? (You don’t have to answer, of course 🙂 ) In any case it’s wonderful that your relationship works so well 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

    • I do remember that 🙂

      The title is from the game Divinity: Original Sin. In the first quest hub / city location there is a market with a cheese vendor who can frequently be heard shouting about “many cheeses” – it can be annoying sometimes 😉 It’s a good game though 🙂

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