Waiting for Winter

We’re already a good way through November and we’ve yet to have any real snow. (There was some suspiciously white precipitation a week or two ago, but it didn’t come to anything. And indeed the temperature has barely dropped below freezing. I have mixed feelings about this.

On the one hand, lack of snow and ice does mean that my commute to work is less slippery. We haven’t yet had to pay for winter tyres for our bikes. And the comparatively warm temperatures mean that I don’t have to worry about getting hypothermia(!)

On the other hand, it’s this kind of weather – the dreary part of late Autumn and snowless Winter – that triggers my SAD the most. There’s hardly any light, practically no colour, everything seems lifeless. I find it exhausting, depressing and demotivating.

I’ve found that having lots of lights on inside can help trick me into not noticing the dreariness quite so much, and that does help a bit. Then again, I was taught growing up not to leave lights on unnecessarily, and I hate wasting electricity, so I don’t want to leave the lights on for that reason. It’s difficult trying to balance the two.

The forecast is suggesting that we may get our first proper snow later this week. We’ve had plenty of precipitation already, in the form of rain, that has made me very glad for the waterproof outerwear that I have. Commuting 6km to work in torrential rain would be even less fun if I didn’t.

Anyway, as I was saying. Proper snow is in the forecast and I am looking forward to it. Yes it’ll mean we’ll have to get the new tyres for our bikes, and all the other things I talked about above, but at least the brightness of the snow will counteract the dreary greyness, and make the world seem a bit lighter. It’s somehow easier to deal with then.


Lady Joyful

What’s the season like in your part of the world? Are you, like us, stuck in a dreary transition period? Or are you already enjoying your winter (or summer!) weather?


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