A Little Scratch

Today I got my flu jab. Voluntarily, but reluctantly. I’m entitled to get it at the moment because the family I nanny for has a very young baby (4 months old at the end of the week).

When I was in England I would get the flu jab every year. My GP recommended it, because though I don’t fall into any of the risk groups I do seem to be more susceptible than most people to getting the flu. And it tends to stick around longer, going on to my lungs and causing all sorts of bother.

You’d think that’d mean I’m used to injections. Well, maybe I am used to them, but that doesn’t change the fact that I hate them. Needles still scare me. But I know that it’s just a moment of horrible needles that will (hopefully…) stop me from being ill for weeks. It seems like a sensible trade off.

I don’t think I’ve ever gone on my own to have an injection. Like I said, they scare me a bit. Or I guess just make me anxious, rather than scared. Still. When I still lived in England my mum would go with me to get them. Even when I was at university we arranged for me to be home one weekend to get it done. Nowadays my husband accompanies me to get any vaccinations, or if I need to have blood taken. The nurses may think it a bit strange, but if it helps me feel more comfortable then that’s the main thing.

Whilst I was doing my nursing course I had to practice giving injections and taking blood. That was not fun, I can tell you that. We were expected to practice on each other. Actually, I guess those would be the only times that I didn’t have my husband or mum with me… My teachers and classmates knew I was uncomfortable with needles though, and were very supportive. In fact one particular occasion a classmate agreed to be the victim patient twice so that everyone would be able to practice and I wouldn’t have to get stabbed injected myself. That was quite the relief!

I do think vaccinations are important. I know there’s a lot of controversy about them, and I’m not about to join in that debate. Suffice to say that, generally speaking, I feel that the benefits outweigh the risks.


Lady Joyful

Are you getting the flu jab this year? How do you feel about needles?


8 thoughts on “A Little Scratch

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  3. Needles don’t bother me, though about ten years ago I needed a tetanus shot, and that hurt like a son of a b****! I probably will get the flu shot, if MrKT reminds me.

    • I think the most painful jab I had (that I remember, at least) was the BCG which is against TB. I swear it felt like they’d injected acid into me… Another very distressing one was meningitis jab when I was a child (8, I think). My brothers had theirs first because I was feeling shy, and that was a big mistake. Older brother kept saying “look at the hole!” and younger brother was going on about how the doctor had stuck a nail in his arm. My mum had to send them to the waiting room whilst I got mine because I was so worked up, and apparently they heard me scream when I was injected..! Not a fun experience 😛

  4. I am absolutely terrified of needles but I get my flu shot every year. Hubby and I got ours in our Drs office the end of Sept.

    • It is good to get them. I just have to remind myself that the nasty needle part doesn’t last very long. Yesterday was the first day our health centre was offering them which is why I got it. I find it’s easier if I don’t plan getting injections too far in advance, otherwise I just end up getting anxious. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  5. I don’t blame you for not liking injections: I can’t stand them myself 😁 I got a flu shot for my toddler but avoided getting one myself this year.. I hope I don’t regret it before the season is over!

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