Week 1 – Motivember 2015

The first week of Motivember 2015 rolls to a close. It’s been an eventful one starting with the loss of a beloved pet and ending with a busy weekend of very little sleep. But how have I been doing on my goals?


This week – I got off to a good start with NaNoWriMo, going over and above the 1667 word goal on day one with a healthy 2152 words written. Unfortunately things went downhill from there and I’m ending the week at a measly 5469 words written which is nowhere near the 13333 I should have reached at this point.

With an average of only 683 words written per day, including one day that I didn’t write anything and another that I only got 23 words down, I’m very behind schedule. My stats page on the NaNoWriMo site tells me that at my current rate I will be finished on January 13th, which is about a month and a half behind schedule.

Looking ahead – I am without a doubt intending to continue with NaNoWriMo, and despite being quite far behind I have every intent to end the month with a success. With that in mind, my main goal for the coming week is to meet the minimum 1667 words every day. Obviously I would ideally like to get caught back up on what I am missing so far, which would mean adding an extra 1123 words every day for a total word count of 2790 a day. That may be ambitious, but I like being ambitious. Bonus goal is to get further ahead. Let’s say the bonus goal is a round 3000 words a day, which would bring me about a day ahead of schedule by the end of the week.


This week – I have successfully blogged every day, even if it’s been a bit too spontaneous at times. I think the quality of posts may have fallen in the last few days, and I am particularly unhappy with yesterday’s post. I should know better than to leave post writing so late in the evening and then rush it, especially without a plan in mind. I actually had to adjust the time that the blog got posted because it wasn’t finished until a few minutes after midnight…

Looking ahead – I will continue to get a blog post written and posted every day. Ideally I will get them written early in the evening so that it doesn’t end up being a rush and chore to get them finished. As a bonus goal I would like to get at least one extra post written over the course of the week so that I can have a little bit of a buffer between writing and posting (e.g. I will write a post but it will be scheduled for the next day rather than being posted immediately.) This should help me to control the quality of the posts and reduce the risk of them being rushed. I also feel it would be beneficial to start making plans for what posts I could write.

Other Goals

This week – The two other goals I set myself were Wide Awake and Light Up. Wide Awake has been reasonably successful. I am on average getting up earlier than previously, but still not quite as early as I would like. This has in fact had a knock on effect on Light Up, because I am not necessarily leaving enough time in the mornings to get full use of the light box. I have used it every day (except today…) so it was a success in that respect.

Looking ahead – I am going to continue working on getting up on time. Hopefully I can improve success rate by making sure I go to bed earlier. I realised also that the use of the light box may help with adjusting my body clock to the earlier wake up time so that’s good. I’m going to work on gradually increasing my wake up time, so the aim for this week is to be up at 7 every week day (ideally the weekend too, but I’ll allow 8 there.) Meeting the Wide Awake goal should in turn make me able to meet my Light Up goal, so no changes on that one.

I’m also going to add a new goal (which I haven’t thought of a name for – any suggestions?). This new goal is to not have any spending in our edible treat category this week. No sweets, chocolate, crisps… Normally we’re reasonably good at keeping the spending here low. (I say reasonably – husband has a bit of an addiction to sweets and I’m something of a chocoholic. We probably do tend to buy, and eat, more than we should.) This past week though we spent a lot more than we should, because we got in snacks for whilst we watched BlizzCon. We still have a fair amount left so we definitely don’t need to spend any more money on them. The goal then is to have absolutely zero expenditure from the associated budget categories this coming week.


That’s it for the round up! If any of you are doing Motivember, let us know in the comments below how you are progressing towards your goals.


Lady Joyful


10 thoughts on “Week 1 – Motivember 2015

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  5. Lady Joyful,

    I’m sorry about your pet. 😞
    On another note, I am very happy for you, and yes, congrats, on the self -discipline and not giving up! Another round of applause from the Atlantic coast. By the way, what is a light box? Curious.
    I haven’t even started nano yet. I’m so way beyond behind. Lol. My boyfriend and I buy the treats for movie watching and TV. Its soooo bad. Lol

    • Thanks jazzyjenness 🙂 A light box is (to simplify) a special, very bright light that is designed to be used to help with treating SAD (seasonal affective disorder), and can also be used for adjusting sleep cycles.
      Yeah I’m really behind on my NaNo too, but I figure if I at least try that’s the main thing… 🙂 Oh yes, watching shows is the hardest time to not have treats – it’s like a habit, to be snacking whilst watching! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  6. Well, I think you’re doing fabulously. Can you hear me cheering you on over the roar of the Atlantic between us?? 🙂

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