Geek Out

Getting writing done this weekend is going to be difficult. Why? Because it’s BlizzCon weekend.

Every year husband gets a virtual ticket for BlizzCon and we watch the livestream together. Thing is, BlizzCon takes place in Anaheim, and whilst it’s during the day there it’s overnight in our time-zone.

Obviously this means our daily rhythm gets completely thrown out of whack, hence making writing an issue. We’ve planned out what we want to watch based on the schedule though, and I’m fairly sure I can fit some writing in between the panels we’re interested in. In fact as I write this now we’re between the opening ceremony and the first panel we want to watch.

We’re trying not to mess up our sleep schedule too much over this weekend as I’ll have to be going to work on Monday as usual. To this end we’re using a tactic I worked out when I did night shift at my work placement a couple of years ago.

Rather than moving the whole sleep period to be after the Con finishes each day we’re instead effectively splitting it so that it’s partially before and partially after. So we slept this afternoon/evening from about 16.00 to 19.00, and then will have a slightly longer but still short sleep in the morning (probably 4-5 hours).

I’m not going to talk about BlizzCon itself much here because I don’t expect that it’s something my readership is that interested in (though I could be wrong!) I will say though that even with only having watched the Opening Ceremony so far I’m pretty excited about some of the announcements (Legion! Overwatch! League of Explorers! All the things!)


Lady Joyful

How are you spending your weekend? (And, if you are someone who is interested in BlizzCon and Blizzard products, what are you most excited about?)


3 thoughts on “Geek Out

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  2. So from what I remember Blizzard were the developers of World of Warcraft in the early days when even an old man like me would play, up to the point when it became a massive world game (or whatever the jargon is) and I could not be bothered with the subscription paradigm and all that went with it.
    Found you a husband……..

    Aren’t you old enough now to have re-engaged with the real world?

    • Yep, they made the Warcraft games and World of Warcraft (the term is MMO – massively multiplayer online game). They also make Diablo, Starcraft, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, and will be releasing a new game called Overwatch in the spring.

      We don’t actually play WoW any more really. Haven’t played much in a few years. We tend to play for maybe a month or two of each new expansion but not much more than that. Husband likes to play Diablo and Starcraft still, and I like Hearthstone a lot 🙂

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