A Box Full of Crinkle

Crinkly Box

It’s a well-known fact that cats like boxes. Big, small, empty or full, cats like them all.

That rhymed, did you notice? I guess I really am a poet, huh.


Lola has certainly always conformed to the expectations of cats and boxes. She also likes things that make crinkly noises. She likes to lick plastic wrapping and play with paper bags, because they make fun noises.

Combining her love of crinkly noises with the love of boxes goes some way to explaining how she came to be in the above situation. A box, for sitting, which crinkles when you move! Oh my, heaven! What more could any cat ask for?!

She has made use of this marvellous contraption many a time. Really that box is meant to be packed away, but if you have a cat that likes yelling as much as Lola does you’ll understand our reluctance to take away anything that gives her a place to be happy and quiet.


Lady Joyful

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