What Light Through Yonder Window Breaks?

World GazerLola likes to look out windows. She likes to watch the world go by, to see the birds and the trees, the people and the cars, and even the occasional squirrel or hare. She likes to sit window-watching with the sun in her face making her white fur positively glow.

Silly things like blinds and curtains will not stop Lola from her watching. She has two tactics for dealing with these irritating obstructions. The first is to bash at them and meow until a human comes and moves them out of her way. The second tactic is just to push past them. They are a mere inconvenience after all.

Lola’s fascination with the outdoors does not extend to actually going outdoors, however. We have tried taking her out on a lead, although it’s been quite sometime since we last tried. We previously¬†put her and her sister Maisi on harnesses and leads, and a couple of times in the summers would take them out to explore the world.

They didn’t like it much.

They would usually huddle together and look at us with big sad eyes until we gave in and took them home.

Elvis was even worse when we tried taking him out. If I hadn’t had a tight grip on his lead we would have lost him. Where Lola and Maisi would just huddle up and try to hide, Elvis tried to bolt and run away from all the terrifying nature that surrounded him. Not sure where he thought he would go…

But window watching is something that most cats enjoy. And it’s much safer and friendlier than the horrifying world Beyond The Flat.


Lady Joyful


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